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Restorative Yoga and Pranayama


This is a very popular yoga class to regain balance, strengths and vitality, relax your mind and nurture your heart. The class is suitable for all levels, particularly for those recovering from illness or surgery, or at a stage in life, where a gentle practice is more suitable. During Restorative Yoga classes students use support of yoga props, such as chairs, bolsters, blocks, blankets and belts. In addition, this class includes longer Pranayama (breathing) sequences.

Classes at Hridaya Yoga Academy are taught from the heart in a relaxed and caring manner where the needs of every student are paramount. Hridaya Yoga Academy provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for the students to explore their body and mind to whatever extent they choose.

Attending Restorative Yoga Class:

To attend Restorative Yoga Class and/or any other yoga classes at Hridaya Yoga Academy simply choose a yoga pass that suits your needs:

5 - CLASS PASS   buynow

10 CLASS PASS   buynow

15 CLASS PASS   buynow


*Unlimited passes allow you to attend any yoga class available at Hridaya Yoga Academy.

* We believe that the benefits of yoga are only obtained by committing to a consistent, regular yoga practice. Therefore, we encourage our students to own/purchase a yoga pass. Our yoga passes are designed to be cost-effective and sustainable for our yoga students. If you however prefer to purchase a casual drop-in class – the fee is $20 per casual class.

Special Circumstances, holidays and/or unexpected events

The most beautiful thing in life is that the change is inevitable. It allows us to develop and grow. If you are unable to attend our classes for a period of time, you will not lose your pass. The pass will remain valid for a period of 12 months.

At Hridaya Yoga Academy we commit to delivering professional, safe, inviting, non-judgmental yoga program that will suit every student’s personal needs. If you have any additional yoga questions, you can approach your teacher anytime during the program. When purchasing your yoga pass, we ask you to stay committed to your decision. Once your booking is processed and payment received, the class pass is non-refundable, non-transferrable.

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