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Janka Aksamitova (ERYT 200 & RYT 500)

I am a registered yoga teacher (R.Y.T 500) with Yoga Alliance. My yoga journey continues to be a very interesting path. I was born in Slovakia. Beginning in my teenage years I inten-sively practiced Traditional Martial Arts (Okinawa Karate) and Zen meditations. I arrived to Australia in 2001, settled in tropical Cairns and completed Masters in Social Work at James Cook University. Upon my arrival to Australia I looked for a similar school of Martial Arts to continue my practice. I was unable to find the same style thus I eventually gave up. In 2002, a close friend asked me to join her for a yoga class. We visited a local Cairns yoga studio, I engaged in one yoga class and thought I will never do it again. However, after falling ill one year later and unable to find any help in the current medical system, I turned to alternative healing options. As I questioned the cause of the illness, I was again drawn back to yoga, but this time I was immediately hooked. Suddenly something unexpected happened. The calmness and serenity I felt while practicing Martial Arts returned the moment I stood on the yoga mat for the first time. I was smitten with the reality that yoga could reinstate those once lost feelings.

I practiced for several years with various yoga teachers. I completed 500 hours of intensive teacher training in 2009 and began to teach several yoga classes per week in local yoga studios in Cairns and Yorkeys Knob.

I am very grateful for the gift of yoga. I am very excited and passionate to share this gift with my students. The benefits we can gain from practicing yoga are endless. Like everything else, the techniques of yoga constantly evolve, yoga is being reshaped and changed as each student and teacher uses it and passes it on. There is not one right style of yoga. Every body is different, every mind is unique. Different yoga styles suit different people. The most important is the consistency of your chosen yoga practice; being able to get on your yoga mat as often as possible to peel away old habits and open up space for new realizations.

I am very honoured to receive this opportunity to be the founder of Hridaya Yoga Academy and continue on my next yoga journey. Many students asked me what the word ‘Hridaya’ actually means. Well, as I continued to explore deeper in my yoga practice, I was often amazed how warm, happy and touched I felt each time I stood on my mat. I wanted my yoga studio to represent these feelings; where yoga touches the heart. ‘Hridaya’ literally means heart; the seat of pure Existence.

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